Drug Detox Program in Tennessee

As a provider of all-encompassing addiction treatment, Mirror Lake Recovery Center is proud to offer three phases of care to empower men and women to find success in their struggles against addiction. Since the day we treated our first client, we have continued to provide world-class programming that has helped thousands of individuals achieve their recovery goals. We are confident that we can help you or your loved one experience similar successes.

Recovering from an addiction requires more than just stopping one’s abuse of alcohol or other drugs. In many instances, a person must learn how to cope with daily life without the use of alcohol or other drugs. If a person has become physically dependent on a particular substance, this can be a difficult process. Depending on the substance a person is addicted to, an uncomfortable and sometimes painful withdrawal process can occur once he or she has stopped abusing that drug. At Mirror Lake, we want to arm our clients with the greatest chance of achieving sobriety, which is why we offer a medically monitored detox program to help our clients go through withdrawal with minimal discomfort.

Our 32-bed medically monitored detox program is Phase I of treatment at Mirror Lake. We believe that in order for clients to participate in the other phases of our care, they must be able to do so with clear minds and without nagging drug cravings or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Our staff of dedicated and expertly trained medical personnel, which includes doctors and nurses who are on-hand 24/7, put forth every effort to make the withdrawal process as safe and comfortable as possible.

Mirror Lake’s detox program is for individuals grappling with many types of substances. Depending on the needs of the client, the following specialized detoxification services are available at our center:

  • Alcohol detox , which can last up to 1 week
  • Benzodiazepine detox, which includes 2 weeks of treatment

Our center also offers the following unique detox treatment tracks in Phase I of our care:

Specialized Opioid Detoxification Services: For men and women who have become trapped in the insidious cycle of opioid abuse, Mirror Lake is pleased to offer a 14-day detox track. Heroin and prescription painkiller addictions are among the most difficult to overcome, as withdrawal can be very painful. Clients who receive care in this track will have the option to receive Vivitrol, a prescription medication that alleviates withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, which can help them successfully reach the next step in their recovery.

Trifecta: Designed as a 10-day treatment track, Trifecta is for those who desire to stop using the medication Suboxone. This track utilizes an alternative approach to detox, and allows clients to move on to Phase II of treatment at our center without requiring Suboxone to function in healthy manner.

When a client needs detox services at the start of his or her treatment, we will make sure that that individual’s needs are met by using the most appropriate detox protocols. Even if a new client is currently pregnant, Mirror Lake is prepared to supply the specialized care needed to meet her needs. Furthermore, once a client has completed Phase I of our center’s programming, he or she will then be able to transition directly into Phase II, our world-class residential treatment program.

To learn more about the detoxification services available in Phase I of Mirror Lake Recovery Center’s treatment, feel free to give us a call. We are located on a peaceful campus in Burns, Tennessee, allowing us to provide a peaceful atmosphere and an abundance of services for our clients. Our staff is happy to discuss these services, and can explain the other phases of treatment offered at our center.

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