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About Mirror Lake Recovery Center

At Mirror Lake Recovery, every single member of our staff is committed to providing each and every patient who has been grappling with addiction and co-occurring disorders with the compassionate care they need to achieve lasting recovery.

With both detox services and residential treatment supplied, along with partial hospitalization and a Christian-based treatment program, we at Mirror Lake provide comprehensive, therapeutic care here in Burns, Tennessee with a 75 acre backdrop for our patients to recover in. Our entire range of services are capable of meeting each one of our patients’ treatment needs and goals, as well as helping them hone in on their strengths.

Our dedication to providing personalized treatment means that no two patients will have the same experience at Mirror Lake. However, specific, over-arching features of our programs are included into each individualized treatment plan, and certain core principles work to lead each interaction we have when we engage with patients, their families, and their loved ones.

A Dignified and Respectful Environment

A Dignified and Respectful Environment at Mirror Lake

At Mirror Lake, we work to engage each one of our clients in a face-to-face manner, providing them with the utmost attention and care. We pride ourselves on treating all patients with respect for not only who they are, but for the circumstances they are struggling with when they come to us.

One of the most challenging aspects of addiction and co-occurring conditions is that these issues can severely impact one’s gauge of his or her own self-worth. With the understanding that this is common, our team is always working to ensure that we are not only effective and responsive in the comprehensive care we provide, but that we are also compassionate, understanding, and encouraging, as well as sources of strength for our patients.

Compassionate Support for Loved Ones

Mirror Lake Recovery Center’s Compassionate Support for Loved Ones

Our commitment to our patients overflows into our commitment to helping care for their families and loved ones, too. We treat addiction as a family disease, as we understand how the impact of this condition (along with other mental illnesses) can impact the entire family unit. With the realization that the inclusion of loved ones in an individual’s treatment can be extremely beneficial, we make every effort to help our patients make as much progress as possible amongst their loved ones during their therapeutic care.

We are pleased to help family members manage the ways in which they have been affected by their loved one’s challenges, as well as to help equip them with the skills needed to best support him or her.

Superior Clinical Programming

Mirror Lake Recovery Center’s Superior Clinical Programming

While working to provide a compassionate, comprehensive experience for each one of our patients here at Mirror Lake, the team who works hand-in-hand with our patients also upholds the most respected standards within their fields of study.

Our programming, which includes residential treatment, partial hospitalization, Christian programming, and detox, is prepared to accept all kinds of individuals who are struggling with specific challenges. For example, we provide a 14-day long detox, which is longer than what most other treatment facilities offer. We also treat pregnant women up into their third trimester, and those who have received a heart transplant. Of course, the patients we accept with these specific concerns are admitted on a case-by-case basis, however we do everything we can to be of assistance.

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To obtain more information about addiction, mental illness, or anything else regarding your loved one’s condition, please reach out to us at Mirror Lake right now. We can help you determine if you or a loved one requires the type of programming that we supply, as well as answer any and all of your questions. Please do not hesitate – call us right now.