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Medical Detoxification Program for Adults in Tennessee

Medical detoxification is the first phase of addiction treatment at Mirror Lake. Before beginning our residential program, clients must rid their bodies of harmful substances. Having a clear mind allows them to begin their addiction recovery journey on the right foot.

Medical Detoxification

Phase 1

  • For clients who need to rid their bodies of harmful substances
  • Length varies depending on substance
  • 24/7 Supervision

Why is medical detoxification different?

Medical detoxification uses the aid of medication and healthcare professionals. More than other detox methods, medical detox is able to treat clients with complex substance addictions. This is because medical detox increases the safety of those experiencing withdrawal symptoms and minimizes the discomfort of the detox process.

What drugs do we provide detox services for?


Up to 1 week of treatment


2 weeks of treatment


For men and women who have become trapped in the insidious cycle of opioid abuse, Mirror Lake is pleased to offer a 14-day detox track. Heroin and prescription painkiller addictions are among the most difficult to overcome, as withdrawal can be very painful. Clients who receive care in this track will have the option to receive Vivitrol, a prescription medication that alleviates withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, which can help them successfully reach the next step in their recovery.


Designed as a 10-day treatment track, Trifecta is for those who desire to stop using the medication Suboxone. This track utilizes an alternative approach to detox, and allows clients to move on to Phase II of treatment at our center without requiring Suboxone to function in healthy manner.

What happens after detoxification?

When your body is rid of harmful substances, you are prepared to move on to phase two of treatment: our residential program.