Medical Detoxification Program for Adults in Tennessee

Medical detoxification is the first phase of addiction treatment at Mirror Lake. Before beginning our residential program, clients must rid their bodies of harmful substances. Having a clear mind allows them to begin their addiction recovery journey on the right foot. 

Medical Detoxification

Phase 1

  • For clients who need to rid their bodies of harmful substances
  • Length varies depending on substance
  • 24/7 Supervision

Who Can Benefit from Medical Detoxification?

Anyone who is struggling with addiction can benefit from medical detox. This process maximizes the safety of individuals who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms while minimizing discomfort. 

When you become addicted to a drug, your body adapts to the presence of the drug you have been using. Trying to rid the body of that substance on your own can be a dangerous and painful process, but a detox program allows you to rid your body of addictive substances under the watchful supervision of our experienced team of professionals. 

At Mirror Lake Recovery Center, we understand that the symptoms of withdrawal can often keep people from attempting to pursue recovery. Under our care, we’ll help you work through the powerful cravings and distressing physical and psychological effects that make substance use disorders seem like an overwhelming foe. Soon, your body and mind will be on the mend and your long-term recovery journey can truly begin. 

What Can I Expect During Detox?

Clients are asked to make some short-term sacrifices for long-term health and happiness during detox. Depending on the substance a person has become addicted to, the withdrawal process can be very painful. Certain prescription medications can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, leading the way to the next step of recovery. If our compassionate team of experts believes you can benefit from these medications, they will prescribe and administer them as part of your personalized detox plan. 

During your time in detox, you may also participate in therapeutic programming. These group and individual therapy sessions can help you prepare to begin making the lifestyle changes that will be necessary once you leave our facility. 

Throughout your stay, all the elements of care you receive will be customized to your unique needs. You will work with an experienced group of medical professionals, which may include an addictionologistpsychiatrist, master’s-level therapist, case managers, registered nurses, and clinical technicians. 

What Happens After Detoxification?

The completion of detox is a tremendous accomplishment, but the journey of recovery doesn’t typically end there. Once you take the significant step of ridding your body of these harmful substances, you are able to transition to Mirror Lake’s residential program to continue your path toward improved wellness.  

This continuity of care eliminates the risk of immediate relapse, and it can also help expand your introduction to the power of the recovery community. Whether in detox or our residential program, you will be able to share support with others who are addressing similar struggles to better their long-term outcomes. These relationships can last a lifetime and help keep you on the right track for years to come. 

There are more formal elements in place to stay connected as well. Mirror Lake also offers aftercare meetings that follow the 12-Step recovery model. These gatherings give former clients a chance to form a strong support network and learn more about the resources that can help promote lasting recovery.  

We also have other ways to stay connected. Our alumni association plans outings that take place throughout the year, providing an opportunity for past clients to maintain a sense of community.