Aftercare Addiction Treatment Program for Adults in Tennessee

Addiction recovery is an ongoing process, but many facilities treat aftercare as an afterthought. At Mirror Lake, aftercare is a vital part of our treatment because our goal is for clients to find lifetime sobriety.


Phase 4

  • For clients who have received treatment at Mirror Lake
  • 12-step model
  • Weekly meetings

What happens when it's time to leave Mirror Lake?

Clients are not on their own when they leave Mirror Lake. Planning for aftercare begins long before they leave our facility. An aftercare plan outlines what steps a client should take to help maintain sobriety. Each individual receives a custom aftercare plan for their unique needs.
Some clients may benefit from more therapy sessions, medication management, a sober living home, or other services. If this is the case, we find resources in their area so that they have help staying sober. We then schedule an appointment with those resources so that the client is connected with them before leaving Mirror Lake.

What are the benefits of our aftercare program?

Aftercare meetings follow the 12-step addiction recovery model. The 12-step model recognizes those who have maintained sobriety. Those in recovery receive coins, medallions, and/or chips as representations of their dedication to staying sober. Clients who meet the requirements to receive coins may receive them at our aftercare meetings.

Our aftercare program gives clients a way to maintain a strong support network. Having this network is instrumental in staying sober. At Mirror Lake, we aim to provide our clients the resources they need to experience lasting recovery.

How do you participate in our aftercare program?

Aftercare meetings take place every Friday from 6:30-7:30 at our campus. These meetings are free of charge for those who have received treatment at Mirror Lake.

Are there other ways to stay connected?

Our Alumni Association plans outings that take place throughout the year. These outings are meant to maintain a sense of community for clients in recovery.