Alumni Association

Mirror Lake’s alumni association is an active group of clients in recovery. With frequent meetings and a great sense of community, the goal of our alumni association is to provide a safe space and continued sense of support.

What are the benefits of the alumni association?

Men and women who receive treatment at Mirror Lake Recovery Center become part of a dynamic and supportive community. Throughout each client’s recovery journey, our staff provides the support and care that will help him or her live to live a healthy sober life. It is important to note that this support and encouragement does not end on the day a client is discharged from Mirror Lake Recovery Center. In addition to providing clients with thorough discharge plans that detail the resources and recommendations that will help them to maintain their sobriety, Mirror Lake Recovery Center is pleased to offer an active and vibrant Alumni Program for those who have completed treatment at our center.

While participating in treatment at Mirror Lake Recovery Center, our clients form close bonds with staff members and other clients. We believe that the relationships established while in treatment are just as important as the other facets of care that we offer, and we want clients to be able to continue those relationships and receive support from those who have walked alongside them on the path of early recovery.

What activities do alumni participate in?

Our Alumni Program includes the following activities to promote a sense of unity in the struggle against addiction:

  • AA meetings
  • Dinner
  • Campfire experience

On a typical Friday, hundreds of Mirror Lake Recovery Center alumni will return to campus, and each person stands to benefit from the strong sense of belonging and support that permeates this program. We encourage all graduates of our program to take part in the Alumni Program so that they can benefit from this continued support after they have completed treatment.

How do you get involved?

If you would like to participate in our alumni association, or if you have any additional questions about it, please contact us.