Residential Addiction Treatment Program for Adults in Tennessee

Residential treatment is the second phase of addiction treatment at Mirror Lake. Clients reside at our facility and take part in structured therapies and activities. These sessions help build a foundation for lasting recovery.

Residential Treatment

Phase 2

  • For clients who need time in a safe environment to recover
  • Reside at Mirror Lake
  • Programming may be 7 days per week

What Does Our Residential Program Treat?

Mirror Lake’s residential program treats adults age 18 and older who are struggling with drug addiction and co-occurring mental health concerns. Clients live on-site and receive comprehensive support from our team of therapists, nurses, addictionologists, and peer recovery specialists.

Co-occurring mental health concerns we treat include:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Psychosis
  • Self-harm

What Types of Therapies Are Included?

Depending on a client’s specific needs and treatment goals, the care they receive during Phase II treatment at our center may include the following elements:

Medication Management

Clients may have medication included in their personalized treatment plans. These clients typically meet with a provider on a weekly basis, with additional sessions available as needed. Medication management services are also provided on a daily basis by nurses and nurse practitioners.

Individual Therapy

During Phase II, clients participate in weekly individual therapy. These one-on-one sessions are designed to help clients achieve a specific short-term goal, such as resolving a problem, making a decision, or learning emotion regulation skills.

Group Therapy

Throughout their Phase II treatment experience, clients have the opportunity to participate in multiple group therapy sessions on a daily basis. These focused sessions commonly address behavioral and emotional concerns that can be related to the recovery process. Topics discussed in group therapy sessions may include principles of recovery, healthy communication, and strategies for preventing relapse.

Family Therapy


At Mirror Lake Recovery Center, we understand that addiction and mental health concerns can impact every member of the family. Every Sunday, Phase II clients and their family members are invited to take part in virtual therapy with a qualified professional. These sessions incorporate principles of 12-Step programming and are designed to help family members learn more about addiction and improve their relationships with each other.

Experiential Therapy

Yoga, equine, and art therapies provide clients with the opportunity to engage in expressive arts, learn relaxation techniques, and practice teamwork. Experiential therapy sessions are conducted several times per week.

Faith-Based Treatment Track

Clients who desire to have Christian principles incorporated into their treatment plan may choose to participate in the ReNew Christian Program, our voluntary faith-based treatment track. Activities within the ReNew Christian Program may include daily journaling, daily worship, Celebrate Recovery meetings, Bible study, meditation, and prayer.

What Happens After Residential Treatment?

As clients progress through our residential program, their treatment needs may evolve. If a client is prepared to step down to a less structured schedule, they can take part in our partial hospitalization program (PHP).