Family Addiction Treatment Program for Adults in Tennessee

We give clients the option to take part in family treatment during their stay here at Mirror Lake. Our team aims to strengthen family bonds to build an additional source of safety and support for our clients.

What are the benefits of the family program?

In an effort to address and resolve issues within a client’s family that may have contributed to or resulted from his or her substance abuse, we are proud to provide vibrant and dynamic family treatment, with programming held every Sunday.

Our family treatment is based on the concept that a family is a complex and intricate system that determines the health, self-worth, and role of each individual family member. As is also the case with all treatment at Mirror Lake, each person who participates in family treatment will have a unique experience. However, the program as a whole is designed to accomplish the following overarching objectives:

  • Reorient and restructure relationship systems
  • Increase patient and family awareness of the impact of addiction
  • Help participants to change their family dynamics through the 12-Step recovery model

Who can participate?

All clients are able to incorporate family treatment into their care with us.

At Mirror Lake, the concept of the family is not limited to those who are related by birth or marriage. Biological, adoptive, step and foster parents and/or siblings, children, best friends, and/or significant others are also included in our definition of family.

What family therapy methods and activities are used?

The following treatment methods and activities are among those included in the Family Program:

  • Lecture series
  • Videotapes
  • Experiential exercises
  • Groups
  • Shared meals
  • Meetings based upon the 12-Step recovery model
  • Non-denominational worship services

Are there other ways for family to be involved in treatment?

The Family Program is not the only opportunity for family members to participate in their loved one’s treatment experience. For example, clients and family members may also participate in weekly family therapy sessions, which are led by one of our experienced counselors. Also, family members are involved in the discharge planning process, which prepares clients to continue their recovery after their time with us has ended, and family members are invited to participate in continuing care activities with program graduates.

How do you participate in family treatment?

When you enter residential or partial hospitalization treatment at Mirror Lake, our treatment team will perform an evaluation and help you develop a treatment plan that includes family therapies, if you choose.