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Detox: The First Step to Sobriety

The Importance of Detox for Drug Addiction Recovery

Battling an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol can cause significant turmoil to arise in an individual’s life. Regardless of the type of substance that a person uses, the compulsive need to acquire and use that substance can rapidly consume all aspects of a person’s existence. It’s important to receive substance abuse treatment as early as possible. The longer that the use of that substance continues, the more likely it is that an individual’s body will develop a tolerance to the substance. As a tolerance develops, individuals will have to consume more of their substance(s) of choice, or will have to consume it at greater frequencies, in order to achieve the effects they desire. This tolerance can then lead to dependence, wherein the bodies of these individuals become dependent on the substance(s) in order to function. At this point, if the use of the substance is suddenly stopped, withdrawal symptoms will ensue.

The fact that withdrawal symptoms can be so uncomfortable and distressing often means that individuals will return to their use of substances simply to prevent experiencing those negative symptoms. This ultimately prolongs the cycle of drug or alcohol abuse and prevents recovery. When individuals receive detoxification services from a treatment center, however, they are able to prevent the discomfort of withdrawal, making recovery more easily attainable.

Benefits of Detox at Mirror Lake

Benefits of Drug & Alcohol Detoxification at Mirror Lake Recovery Center in Tennessee

Detoxification, or detox, is the process of clearing one’s system from toxic substances. When receiving detox at our treatment center, individuals will be monitored so as to ensure their safety and comfort during the process. The following are additional advantages that individuals can benefit from when receiving detox:

  • Medications can be implemented to assist in providing comfort.
  • The harmful effects that substances have on one’s body will be decreased.
  • The temptation to use will be eliminated as individuals do not have access to their substances of choice.
  • Ongoing support is offered by professionals as individuals work through their cravings to continuing using.
  • Once detox has been completed, individuals can transition into other methods of care that will help sustain their recovery and prevent future relapse.